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Specific scholarships

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Like French students, international students can work in France to supplement their income in addition to their studies.

Student work in France

All international students have the right to work in a company or institution during their studies in France.

This right is subject to certain conditions depending on the country of origin : 

  • students from countries outside the European Union must be in possession of a "student" residence permit
  • Algerian students, in addition to their "student" residence permit, must present a temporary work permit (Franco-Algerian agreement of 27 December 1968)

Working time and pay

  • French law allows you to work only part-time. Your working hours over the year must not exceed 60% of a full-time job, i.e. approximately 964 hours per year
  • In France, the law defines a compulsory minimum wage. It guarantees you a basic gross hourly wage of 10.25 euros, or 8.11 euros net

Working at the UPJV

In France, international students can also work within their host institution or university :

  • maximum 670 hours between 1 September and 30 June
  • maximum 300 hours between 1 July and 31 August
  • the duration of the employment contract may not exceed twelve months
At the UPJV, several missions can be offered to you :

  • students reception
  • health prevention
  • disability support
  • support for success
  • cultural and sporting events
  • IT support...
Compulsory internship as part of your training

Some courses include a compulsory internship period, formalised by a contract between the UPJV and the organisation that will host you.

If your internship lasts more than two months, the host organisation is obliged to pay you 577.50 euros gross (451 euros net) per month.

Do you want to work during your studies at the UPJV ?

Contact the Department for Vocational Guidance and Integration (link to "Jobs and careers" page) :

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