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International training programmes and modules

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International degree

Several UPJV courses include an international dimension to their teaching, with a compulsory period of study or internship in a partner university.

The Erasmus Mundus MESC+ Joint Masters Course

The Erasmus Mundus MESC+ (Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage) international Master's degree is a 2-year scientific course of excellence, accredited by the European Erasmus+ programme.

The Master MESC+ involves:
  • 5 universities from 4 European countries (France, Poland, Slovenia and Spain)
  • 2 universities from the USA and Australia
  • 1 European research institute (ALISTORE)
  • the French network on energy storage (RS2E
  • the Slovenian National Institute of Chemistry (NIC)
  • 1 leading research centre in Spain (CIC Energigune)
Established in 2004, the MESC+ Master's programme is led by members of world-renowned research laboratories in the field of energy-related materials, who already collaborate closely in several European and trans-European projects.

This prestigious Master's programme is taught entirely in English and is characterised by a high level of mobility. Each year, it welcomes around thirty French and international students. They are selected on the basis of criteria of excellence, enabling them to obtain a grant of up to €39,000. Applications take place every year from mid-October to the end of February.

For more information and to apply, please visit the MESC+ website:

DESTINY doctoral training

The UPJV is a partner in the European doctoral programme DESTINY, supported and co-funded by the Horizon 2020 Marie Sklodowska-Curie COFUND programme (grant agreement n° 945357).
DESTINY's objective is to train, over 5 years, 50 PhD students at the forefront of research on the batteries of the future. The ambition is to give European industry and academia a competitive edge in the rapidly emerging green technologies of electromobility and large-scale energy storage.
DESTINY is coordinated by the National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) in France and brings together:

  • 20 universities
  • 6 research centres
  • 2 research networks
  • 2 Regional Councils
  • 3 major facilities
  • 7 companies from 11 countries, mostly members of Battery2030+ and stakeholders of the European ALISTORE-ERI network
More details and applications on the DESTINY website:

Double degree courses

Master in Performing Arts Double degree course

Agreement between the UPJV and the UNIRIO University (Brazil).

This double Master's degree in Performing Arts allows students to spend a semester or a year at the UNIRIO University in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). Among the courses offered: courses on Brazilian theatre, Portuguese language courses with a teacher and, in the form of tutoring, with a Brazilian student.

At the end of the two-year Master's programme, the student receives two degrees: a French Master's degree and a Brazilian Master's degree.

The UPJV and the UNIRIO University are working with other French, European and Brazilian institutions to develop this course into a joint Erasmus Mundus Master's degree.

Master in International and European Law Double degree course

Agreement between the UPJV and the University of Cardiff (Wales).

The UPJV Master's degree in International and European Law is jointly-accredited with the University of Cardiff (Wales). English language courses are taught in the first and second years.

Objective of the course: to train lawyers in international and European law, who will be able to pursue a legal career in a private (law firm, company) or public structure, including a University.

This Master’s degree course leads to two diplomas: a Master of Law from the UPJV and a Master of Law (LLM) from Cardiff University.

English taught course

As part of the internationalisation of our university's training offer, many training modules are taught entirely in English.

The objective is two-fold:

  • diversify the range of courses offered to international students
  • to promote the success of the mobility of French students by consolidating their English language skills
Download the catalogue

Off-site training programmes

As part of the internationalisation of its programme of academic courses, the UPJV offers some of its courses in partner universities abroad. Students from these universities obtain a UPJV diploma at the end of their course.

Bachelor's degree in Management - IAE-UPJV training

Relocated to MDI BusinessSchool in Algiers (Algeria) since 2015

The third year of the Management degree in Algiers is offered in partnership with the Institut des Administrations et des Entreprises (IAE) of the UPJV.
This course enables students to acquire fundamental knowledge in management and to master the concepts necessary to understand and take charge of the different functions of a company, particularly in small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs):

  • management 
  • project management
  • HR
  • accounting 
  • finance 
  • marketing 
Particular emphasis is placed on action-based teaching (case studies, projects, internships) and versatility in management.

50 to 70 students take this course each year and are awarded the MDI Business School bachelor's degree (Algerian degree), and the UPJV diploma.

Master in Management Sciences - Marketing and Communication speciality - IAE-UPJV training

Relocated to MDI Business School in Algiers (Algeria) since 2020.

This course provides students with high-level knowledge and skills in operational marketing and marketing decisions on the one hand, and digital marketing and communication on the other. In line with the DNA of the Institutes of Administration and Business, the programme has a high work-based emphasis through long internships, innovative teaching through active learning (projects / serious games), featuring an on-going interaction between marketing research and practice.

Students taking this course are awarded the Algerian Master’s degree in Management Sciences and the UPJV diploma.

Bachelor's degree in Economics - "Business Diagnosis and Strategies" - course offered by the UPJV Faculty of Economics and Management

Relocated to the University of Applied Sciences and Management of Budapest (Hungary) since 1991.

The aim of this course is to train high-level French-speaking business managers in three years, who are proficient in all areas of management and economics.

After the first two years of study that follow the programme of the courses given in Years &and 2 of the Bachelor’s degree at the faculty of Economics and Management, the students enrolled in the programme follow the courses within the framework of the Economics Bachelor’s degree course ‘Business Diagnostics and Strategies’. The programme is taught in Hungarian and French by high-level facilty staff made up of academics and professionals who bring a dual theoretical and applied perspective to the training of students in the programme.

The students who follow the course obtain two diplomas at the end of their studies: the Bachelor's degree in economics and management from the University of Picardie Jules Verne and the diploma of economist from the Hungarian school.
Since the beginning of the partnership, nearly 800 students have graduated. Some of them have continued their studies at master's or doctoral level, while others are now in positions of considerable responsibility, the programme graduates can attest to the vitality and richness of this partnership, which has resulted in several hundred teaching or student mobility assignments.

Professional degree in Logistics and Flow Management - Logistics Systems Management course - training at the Oise Institute of Technology (IUT) - UPJV

Relocated to the International Institute of Logistics and Management in Tangiers (Morocco) since 2004.

The objective of this vocational degree in logistics systems management is to train professionals capable of intervening at all levels of the logistics chain in a national or international context (procurement, production, warehouse management, transport and distribution), but also in support functions related to marketing logistics, data management, information systems.

Half of the academic content is taught by French teachers, and Moroccan students can do their internship in France, in collaboration with the Oise Institute of Technology (IUT).

The teachers and students from the course have accompanied key development projects in this region of Morocco, such as the Tangiers-Med project (Port Hub-maritime), the development of the Tangiers Free Zone, the installation of Renault and the TGV.

"E-commerce and digital marketing" professional degree - training at the Oise Institute of Technology (IUT) - UPJV

Relocated to the Algiers Training school for management techniques (Algeria) since 2020.

This course offers Algerian students the opportunity to train in the field of digital marketing, a sector that is developing rapidly in Algeria, which has just moved from 109th place in the world in e-commerce to 80th place (UNCTAD report, 2021).

Half of the courses are taught by French teachers. Algerian students have the possibility of doing their internship in France, in conjunction with the Oise IUT.

The students are enthusiastic about this new collaboration. All indicators seem to point to a major expansion of this sector in coming years.

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