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Accommodation deposit (VISALE)

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When you want to rent accommodation in France, the owner of the accommodation (public or private) requires a guarantee (often parental) to ensure the continuity of rent payments. 

If you are unable to provide a guarantee, Action Logement can act as guarantor for you with its Visale guarantee scheme.

What is the VISALE guarantee ?

The VISALE guarantee scheme is offered by Action Logement. Totally free of charge, it acts as a guarantor for you and takes over the payment of rent in the event of unpaid rent.

In the event of a problem, VISALE pays the landlord and organises with you the repayment of your unpaid debt in instalments. This does not exempt you from paying your rent regularly ! 

VISALE for international students

The Visale guarantee scheme has been extended to international students. You must be between aged 18 and 30 years old and be enrolled in a higher education institution.

  • EU students will be required to present a valid identity document
  • Non-EU students must present a valid long-stay visa with a residence permit marked "Student" or a valid "Student" residence permit or a valid Talent passport
  • This deposit can be requested for rents not exceeding 600 €/month, in both private and public rental housing

How to benefit from the VISALE guarantee ?

The process is carried out directly online at

  • You apply for a VISALE visa in your personal and secure area
  • After the Action Logement teams have checked the information entered, you will receive your VISALE visa
  • You present your visa to your landlord and give him/her the copy intended for him/her
  • The future tennant logs on to and obtains his or her bond contract
  • You sign the lease and enjoy your accommodatiion!
You can check your eligibility for the VISALE scheme via this link :

The security deposit

In addition to a deposit, landlords ask for a security deposit equivalent to one month's rent.

It is paid when you move into the accommodation and you get it back in full when you leave, except in the case of damage to the accommodation. It is then used to reimburse the landlord for any repairs he or she may have to make.

Action Logement offers a zero-interest loan to advance the security deposit. This is the "LOCA-PASS" advance, which is available to international students provided they are employed.

For more information :

Need help ?

If you are a student enrolled in an exchange programme, our mobility advisors can help you with this process.
Contact :

If you are an individual mobility student, you can get help from the advisors present at the one-stop reception desk when you arrive at the UPJV. This is held every academic year between September and October.
Contact :

If you are a mobile doctoral student, the Euraxess Centre (link to the page) can help you with this process.
Contact :

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