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Settling in Amiens

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Once in France, how do I get to Amiens? In this section you will find the means of transport available to you!

Travelling to Amiens

Arrival by air

> Arrival at Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle (Paris-CDG) (also called Roissy-Charles-De-Gaulle)

You have 2 options:

1) You can come directly to Amiens by TGV (high speed train):
The Charles de Gaulle 2-TGV station is located in the centre of terminal 2, between halls 2C/2E and 2D/2F.
You can buy a single ticket to Amiens and get off at the 1st sstop of this TGV at the Haute-Picardie TGV station. Journey time: approximately 30 minutes.
Once you arrive at the Haute-Picardie TGV station, you will take a shuttle bus to Amiens station.

2) At Paris-CDG, you can also take the RER B or D to Gare du Nord station and then take a train (SNCF) to Amiens.

More information on the RATP website - Timetables and fares can be found on the SNCF website
There is also a low-cost TGV between Paris-CDG and TGV Haute-Picardie, more information on theOuiGowebsite.

> Arrival at Orly Airport

You have 2 options:

1) From the Orly terminals (West and South), you can take the RER Orlyval line to the RER Antony station.

Once you arrive at this station, take the RER B (direction Aéroport Charles De Gaulle) to Gare du Nord station.
Once at the Gare du Nord, follow the signs for Grandes Lignes (Main Lines), then take a train (SNCF) to Amiens station.

2) From the Orly terminals (West and South), you can take the Orlybus line to the Denfert Rochereau RER station.

Once you arrive at this station, take the RER B, direction Aéroport Paris-CDC, to Gare du Nord station.
Once at the Gare du Nord, follow the signs for Grandes Lignes (Main Lines), then take a train (SNCF) to Amiens station.

More information on the RATP website - Timetables and fares can be found on the SNCF website

> Arrival at Lille-Lesquin airport

A shuttle service takes you to the "Lille Flandres" train station in the centre of Lille. The ticket costs 8 euros.

From Lille Flandres station, an SNCF TER train will take you to Amiens in 1 hour and 20 minutes. The train ticket costs about 22 euros.

> Arrival at Brussels Charleroi Airport (Brussels South)

Brussels Charleroi airport (Brussels South) is quite far from Amiens. You will have to take the bus (Flixbus or Flibco) which is ofen direct to Amiens. However, sometimes it is necessary to choose the route with a connection in Lille. In this case, you have to continue by train (SNCF).
For more information, please visit:
The journey can also be made by bus. Fares and timetables are available on the Cheap Bus route Brussels - Amiens website.
> Arrival at Beauvais-Tillé Airport: (commercial name: Paris-Beauvais airport)

It is the closest airport to Amiens, about 1 hour by bus. From the Aéroport Tillé bus stop, take bus number 42 towards Amiens (the ticket costs about 11.50€). If you want to go to the Bailly or Thil Student Residences (Résidences du Bailly or du Thil), get off at the Campus stop. To go to the city centre or to the Castillon Résidence (Résidence du Castillon), get off at the terminus: Amiens Bus Station (Amiens Gare routière) then continue by city bus: go to the Gare du Nord in central Amiens C stop and take the green Nemo 3 (N3) connection then get off at the Clemenceau stop.

The timetables can be consulted on Keolis Oise website.

Arrival by train

Go to Gare du Nord (north of Paris) by metro or RER, then take a train from "Gare du Nord" to Amiens.

Journey time: between 1h15 and 1h30 for a cost of approximately €25.

More information on the RATP website
Timetables and fares can be consulted on the SNCF website

Coming by car

Car Hire

With the SNCF, you can book a car at the same time as your train ticket.

Find out more here:

Carpooling, think about it!

Many people make daily trips from Paris to Amiens or Beauvais to Amiens by car. They publish their journeys on carpooling websites and offer to share the cost of petrol.

This solution is less expensive than the train.
More information on the main carpooling website in France:


  • From Paris: A1 motorway - exit "Roye-Nationale 12" or exit "Autoroute A29" direction "Amiens – Rouen » 
  • From Lille: A1 motorway - exit A29 "Amiens – Rouen” 
  • From Reims: Motorways A26 then A29 - Exit " Amiens- Rouen ".
  • From Calais: A16 motorway - exit "Dury” 
  • From Beauvais-Tillé: A16 motorway, direction Amiens, exit 19 to A29 direction "Saint-Quentin, Reims, Lille, Amiens-Sud" - exit "Dury".

Administrative procedures

When you arrive in Amiens, you will have to finalise or initiate certain administrative procedures very quickly.

You are a student

Download: check list (students)

University registration

- If you are an exchange student: please read the information sent to you by email before your arrival and contact the DRI:
- If you are a student without an exchange programme: go to the registration channels and to the "Bienvenue en France" one-stop reception desk, open between September and October each year. Contact:

The "Bienvenue en France" one-stop reception desk will help you with various procedures: joining the social security system, validating your visa, obtaining the Visale guarantee for housing, entering your accommodation, applying for housing benefit (CAF), opening a bank account.

Payment of the Student Life and Campus Contribution

All students in initial training at a higher education institution must obtain, prior to registration, a certificate of payment of the Student Life and Campus Contribution (CVEC), by payment or exemption.

Students on exchange programmes (or under bilateral agreements) are exempt, but must apply for the CVEC certificate which will allow them to register at the university.

Social security affiliation

Except in specific cases, you must be affiliated to the French public health system.

Visit the dedicated website

Validation of your visa

If you are a student from a non-EU country and you arrived with a long-stay visa validating your residence permit (VLS-TS): you must validate your visa upon arrival.

The validation is done online, on this dematerialised platform:

Obtaining your VISALE housing guarantee

A financial guarantee is required to rent accommodation in France.

If you are under 31 and do not have a physical guarantor in the euro zone, go to to register and benefit from a free guarantee. You will obtain a VISALE certificate to present to the CROUS or your landlord.

If you are over 31, you will need a physical guarantor who will commit to paying your rent if you are unable to do so. Alternatively, you can find paying guarantors by searching for 'paying guarantor' on search engines.

Entering your home

- You have been allocated CROUS accommodation (you have received an allocation notification): you can pay for your reservation online or directly at the CROUS Amiens-Picardie cash desk.

In order to collect your keys, go to the CROUS Amiens-Picardie, with your VISALE certificate if you are concerned. You will be given an inventory of fixtures by a CROUS agent.

- If you live in private accommodation: contact the owner and follow the same procedure.

Application for housing assistance (CAF)

As soon as you have your signed rental contract (with the CROUS or a private landlord), you can start your application for housing assistance.

You will be asked to fill in a form and to provide proof of your situation:

- a legible copy of both sides of your national identity card, passport or birth certificate, or a copy of your valid residence permit in other cases
- a bank statement (RIB), postal statement (RIP) or savings statement (RICE), made out in your name
- the rent or residence certificate, attached to your application, completed, dated and signed by the owner or manager of the home
- a valid e-mail address
- the information on your visa
- your date of arrival in France
- your residential address in France
- a payment card to pay the residence permit fee online

It is possible to do this online with the help of DRI staff or at the "Bienvenue en France" one-stop reception desk.

Opening a bank account

Our partner bank branches are present at the one-stop reception desk. You will be able to open an account there provided that you supply:

  • A copy of your identity document
  • A certificate of residence 
  • A certificate of enrolment or admission to your course

You are a teacher-researcher

Download: check list (researchers)

Contact the EURAXESS service centre of the UPJV directly via the address:

Or go to 11 rue des Francs Mûriers in Amiens!

The EURAXESS Service Centre staff
will help you to finalise your procedures:
Validation of your visa

If you are from a non-EU country, you must have a VISA "Passeport Talent Chercheur" in order to work in France.

Opening a bank account

The UPJV has partnerships with some bank branches.

Housing and liability insurance

To be covered in case of an incident in your home or caused to third parties, you need to take out home insurance, as well as third-party insurance (which often goes hand in hand with home insurance). You can take out this insurance with the bank where you are going to open your bank account, or with an insurer.


To not forget anything, download your checklist!

Getting around

The city of Amiens offers public or individual transport to get around on a daily basis. It's up to you to choose your preferred means of transport!

By bus with the AMETIS urban transport network

More than 30 AMETIS bus lines cover the city. A vast network that facilitates access to each of the UPJV's centres in Amiens!

Ticket info:

Means of payment 
Bus drivers do not accept cash.
If you only have cash, consider buying your refillable ticket (10 cents) from the vending machines at several bus stops, and loading it with tickets.
You can pay the price of a ticket directly at the validation terminals on the buses with a bank card via contactless payment,

A ticket for one journey, valid for 1 hour from the first time you board the bus, costs €1.40.
You can buy a book of 10 tickets for 12 euros.
If you intend to use the bus often, it is more cosy-efficient to take out a monthly pass.
The monthly subscription has no minimum-length subscription obligation, gives unlimited use of the bus network, costs between 23 and 29 euros / month.
There are degressive rates depending on your income and your student status (financial grant holder or not):

Good to know: 

  • if you are a financial grant holder, the discount can be 100%!
  • if you are a UPJV employee, the university pays 50% of your annual subscription fee!
  • Finding your line
The AMETIS mobile application helps you find your route more easily. You can download it via App Store or GooglePlayStore.

Alternatively, search for your route via this link:

By bike with Buscyclette and Vélam

The city of Amiens has developed numerous cycle routes for your cycling trips.

You can rent a city bike or an electric bike by the hour, day, month or year, with sliding scale rates depending on the duration of the commitment, the amount of your income or your status as a student with or without a financial grant.

2 companies in Amiens offer a bicycle rental service:

By train with SNCF

Want to explore other French cities?

Train transport is provided nationally by the SNCF (Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer). In Amiens, the Gare du Nord, located in the city centre (Place Alphonse Fiquet), provides direct links to Paris, Lille, Rouen etc.

There are degressive rates depending on your situation.

Destinations and prices:

Other alternatives for travel between cities

Several bus companies offer travel to Paris, Lille and other French and European cities at very attractive rates:

And on other campuses?


Buses and bicycles:




Buses and bicycles:


Buses and bicycles:


Buses and bicycles:

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