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Getting around

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The city of Amiens offers public or individual transport to get around on a daily basis. It's up to you to choose your preferred means of transport !

By bus with the AMETIS urban transport network

More than 30 AMETIS bus lines cover the city. A vast network that facilitates access to each of the UPJV's centres in Amiens !

Ticket info :

Means of payment 
Bus drivers do not accept cash.
If you only have cash, consider buying your refillable ticket (10 cents) from the vending machines at several bus stops, and loading it with tickets.
You can pay the price of a ticket directly at the validation terminals on the buses with a bank card via contactless payment,

A ticket for one journey, valid for 1 hour from the first time you board the bus, costs €1.40.
You can buy a book of 10 tickets for 12 euros.
If you intend to use the bus often, it is more cosy-efficient to take out a monthly pass.
The monthly subscription has no minimum-length subscription obligation, gives unlimited use of the bus network, costs between 23 and 29 euros / month.
There are degressive rates depending on your income and your student status (financial grant holder or not) :

Good to know : 

  • if you are a financial grant holder, the discount can be 100% !
  • if you are a UPJV employee, the university pays 50% of your annual subscription fee !
  • Finding your line
The AMETIS mobile application helps you find your route more easily. You can download it via App Store or GooglePlayStore.

Alternatively, search for your route via this link :

By bike with Buscyclette and Velam

The city of Amiens has developed numerous cycle routes for your cycling trips.

You can rent a city bike or an electric bike by the hour, day, month or year, with sliding scale rates depending on the duration of the commitment, the amount of your income or your status as a student with or without a financial grant.

2 companies in Amiens offer a bicycle rental service :

By train with SNCF

Want to explore other French cities ?

Train transport is provided nationally by the SNCF (Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer). In Amiens, the Gare du Nord, located in the city centre (Place Alphonse Fiquet), provides direct links to Paris, Lille, Rouen etc.

There are degressive rates depending on your situation.

Destinations and prices :

Other alternatives for travel between cities

Several bus companies offer travel to Paris, Lille and other French and European cities at very attractive rates :

And on other campuses ?


Buses and bicycles :


Bus :
Bicycles :


Buses and bicycles :


Buses and bicycles :


Buses and bicycles :

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