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Research federations and networks

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The UPJV is involved in numerous research organisations of national or international scope (federative research structures, federations, networks and institutes). In some of these structures, the UPJV plays an active part in the governance and/or in the definition of scientific orientations, reinforcing its position as a leader in key areas :

  • energy storage
  • e-Health
  • digitisation of heritage
  • sustainable development

Federative Research Structures (SFR)

The SFR Condorcet (FR 3417)

The SFR Condorcet, recognised by the CNRS and INRAe, brings together the skills and expertise of public and private research structures in the Champagne-Ardenne and Picardy regions working in the field of sustainable agriculture, on the non-food valorisation of agro-resources and the preservation of the environment.

Associated UPJV research units : BIOPI, EDYSAN, GEC, LG2A, LRCS, EPROAD, CURAPP-ESS

The SFR Collaborative Institute for a New Courses in E-Health (ICONES)

ICONES develops and experiments innovations in a close relationship with patients and in line with the needs of carers, in different contexts in hospitals and at home. It federates scientific skills from the fields of health, science and social sciences.


SFR Digital and Heritage 

The SFR Digital and Heritage (Numérique et Patrimoine) federates and scientifically animates research units in the region on the theme of digital and heritage, by cross-referencing research in digital sciences (digitisation, virtualisation, massive data processing, virtual reality, etc.) with research on heritage, whether tangible or intangible.

Associated UPJV research units: MIS, TRAME, other URs? (links to UR websites)

Research Federations (RF)

The FR Chemistry Federation of Picardy (Institut de Chimie de Picardie,  ICP) (FR 3085)

The mission of this institute is to federate chemistry in Picardy: to unite skills and encourage the emergence of collaborative projects in the fields of energy storage and conversion, the development of agro-resources and carbohydrate chemistry, with the support of the skills in organic and inorganic chemical analysis techniques of the two platforms. The ICP brings together 90% of the human potential in chemistry on the southern side of the Hauts-de-France region.

Associated UPJV research units: LG2A, LRCS + PME, PFA and ICAP

The FR Mathematics Federation of the Hauts-de-France Region (Mathématiques des Hauts-de-France) (FR CNRS 2956)

The federation aims to bring together all researchers in Mathematics in the Hauts-de-France region. Its mission covers the following areas: regional scientific life, training (master's degree, doctorate), recruitment, international cooperation, documentary policy. The research themes cover most of the spectrum of Pure and Applied Mathematics.

Associated UPJV research unit : LAMFA

The European House of Human and Social Sciences in Lille NdF (MESHS) (USR 3185)

MESHS is a federation of research projects and programmes, whose primary objectives are to structure, promote and decompartmentalise research in the humanities and social sciences (SHS) in the Hauts-de-France region.


The networks

The Electrochemical Energy Storage Network (RS2E) (FR 3459)

RS2E is a research network on energy storage (batteries and supercapacitors). It brings together 17 CNRS/University laboratories, 3 public establishments (CEA, IFPEN, INERIS) and 15 industrialists (from SMEs such as Solvionic to large groups such as Renault). As an industrial network, the RS2E is working to improve today's batteries and invent the batteries of tomorrow.

Associated UPJV research units : LG2A, LRCS

(links to RU websites)

The European ALISTORE-ERI Network (FR 3104)

The ALISTORE-ERI network is a CNRS research federation bringing together 19 academic partners in the field of renewable energy storage in France, the UK, Scotland, Poland, Austria, Slovenia, Spain, the Netherlands and Sweden. The French academic laboratories involved are also members of RS2E. The industrial club of ALISTORE-ERI is composed of 12 major groups such as EDF, SOLVAY or RENAULT.

Associated UPJV research unit : LRCS

(links to RU websites)

The Research Network on Racism and Anti-Semitism (RRA)

The RRA is a collaborative structure that federates research units attached to different institutional partners (universities, CNRS, associations, public or private institutions). By breaking down disciplinary barriers and developing multi-disciplinarity, the RRA encourages the emergence of innovative research projects on racism and antisemitism.

Associated UPJV research units: CRP-CPO, CHSSC, CURAPP-ESS, CERCLL, HM, CAREF


The Group for Research and Studies in Robotic Surgery (GRECO)

The GRECO is a federative institute whose ambition is to become an international centre of excellence in robotic surgery. GRECO relies on a surgical innovation methodology based on health simulation. Robotic tools are considered here as support platforms with multiple capabilities. New clinical applications are still to be discovered and developed, in order to effectively meet patients' expectations and needs.

Associated UPJV research units: CHIMÈRE, SSPC and MIS + SimUSanté®.

(links to RU websites + SimUSanté)

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