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Directorates and services

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General Services Directorate

Director General of Services: Valérie WADLOW -

A member of the management team, the Director General of Services is appointed on the proposal of the President of the university, by order of the Minister of National Education.

Under the authority of the President, he/she contributes to the definition of the institution's strategies and to the elaboration of the development project.

As the leader of the operational implementation of the institution's policies, the Director General of Services is responsible for the proper coordination of all the entities and their modernisation, in a spirit of continuous improvement of the service provided on all the institution's sites.

The Director General of Services, assisted by Deputy Directors General, has hierarchical and functional authority over the services and all the administrative staff of the institution.

The divisions and departments of the UPJV are structured in:
  • 4 directorates
  • 5 transversal departments

Real Estate and Infrastructure Directorate

Deputy Director General of Services: Jean-Marc POIRIÉ -  

The Real Estate and Infrastructure pole includes 3 central services and 7 site coordinations whose mission is to plan and conduct investment operations, preventive and curative real estate maintenance, routine and local management of buildings, and operating logistics. It is supported by a centralised administrative unit:

  • Administrative and Financial Unit
  • Project Management, Works and Investment Department
  • Maintenance, Operations and Sustainable Development Department
  • Health, Safety and Environment Department Citadelle Coordination
  • Campus Coordination
  • Cathedral Coordination
  • Saint-Charles Coordination
  • Saint-Leu Coordination
  • Saint-Quentin Coordination
  • Sports Coordination

Research and International Relations Directorate

Deputy Director General of Services: Emmanuel DUCROCQ -

The Research and International Relations Division comprises the Research Department and the International Relations Department.

Research Department -
The Research Department supports the definition and implementation of the institution's scientific policy. It is at the service of the UPJV's researchers, assisting them in their work and in their relations with the Ministry, major research organisations, local authorities, competitiveness clusters, technology transfer centres and the socio-economic environment.

The tasks of the DR are to:

  • Support in setting up and managing public or private research projects
  • The organisation of scientific bodies (Research Commission, Unit Directors' meetings, platform councils, etc.)
  • Management of shared facilities
  • Monitoring the scientific production of laboratories
  • The promotion of research, particularly through a communication policy
  • Valorisation through technology transfer, developed in collaboration with the SATT Nord (Société d'Accélération de Transfert de Technologies)
International Relations Department -  
The DRI participates in the definition and implementation of the European and international cooperation policy of the UPJV in the field of education and research.

It organises, in coordination with the UFRs, academic exchanges for students and teachers around the world.

It welcomes students from many countries in the framework of international programmes and helps to set up new international cooperation and partnerships.

Main international mobility programmes:

  • ERASMUS+ and other European programmes for Europe
  • ISEP (International Student Exchange Programs) for the USA and the rest of the world - over 300 universities
  • BCI: International Coopération Office (Bureau de Coopération Inter-universitaire, 11 universities in Quebec)
For the reception of international students enrolled in individual mobility (newcomers), the DRI is committed to the Bienvenue en France (‘Welcome to France’) quality label in order to better meet their numerous expectations in terms of reception and integration. Contact:

The UPJV's EURAXESS Centre, created in 2021 by the DRI, offers personalised support to international researchers during the preparation of their stay at the UPJV and during their installation. The Centre provides researchers with a quality welcome and facilitates all the administrative procedures inherent to their mobility. Contact:

Guidance, Training and Student Success Directorate

Deputy Director General of Services: Monique POMAGEOT -  

The Orientation, Training and Student Success Unit brings together all activities directly related to learners, from orientation to professional integration, including training and student life.

Training and Pedagogical Innovation Department -

The Department of Training and Pedagogical Innovation is responsible for all centralised activities related to schooling, training and pedagogical innovation and advises and supports the components in these areas. It comprises three departments:

Student Life Department -

The DVE coordinates student life activities that promote success, citizenship and openness to the world. It supports associative activities. It is in charge of the student life master plan, the ‘Access to Academic Success Initiative (cordées de la réussite), the solidarity and development fund for student initiatives (FSDIE). It assists students with their health or social problems. It has four departments:

Careers Guidance and Job-market Access Department -

The DOIP is a place of information, advice and support open to all learners throughout their studies. This department can also help staff, particularly teachers, in the process of accompanying learners.

Resources and Means Directorate

Deputy Director General of Services: Emmanuel BERTHE -

The Resources and Means Division includes the Finance Department, the Human Resources Department and three departments dedicated to the social and health support of staff: the staff social service, the staff prevention medicine department and the department for disabled staff.

Human Resources Department -

The Human Resources Department is responsible for managing and supporting staff (training, recruitment, competitions, skills management, pensions), and monitoring and analysing resources (payroll, job ceilings, teaching services and overtime, payroll control). It comprises 5 departments:

  • Teaching Staff Department
  • BIATSS Staff Department
  • Training Department
  • Payroll Department
  • Pensions, Service Accidents and Occupational Diseases Department
Finance Department -

The finance department is responsible for the budgetary and financial management of the university, in collaboration with the accounting agency.

Service missions: 

  • Purchasing and Contracts Department
  • Health Service (Service de Médecine de Prévention des Personnels)
  • Accounting Internal Control and Management Control Department
  • Personnel with Disabilities Department
  • Staff Welfare Department

Transversal Departments

General, Institutional and Legal Affairs Department

Director: Fabienne Thérouse -
The Department of General, Institutional and Legal Affairs is responsible for preventing and managing disputes by providing advice in accordance with administrative law and, more generally, all legal rules. To this end, it provides legal advice to the University's departments and components.

Information Systems and Management Department 

Director: Emmanuelle Vivier -
The Department of Information Systems and Management is responsible for the management and security of the University's systems and networks, the management of the computer equipment and assistance to users, the engineering of digital applications, the support and training of staff in the use of digital technology and the preparation of statistics and indicators for the institution.

Communication Department 

Director: Virginie Verschuere -
The main mission of the Communication Department, in liaison with the President and the General Services Department, is to ensure the development and monitoring of the UPJV's communication strategy.

Libraries Department

Director: Benjamin Gilles -
The 12 libraries of the UPJV form a network called "Bibliothèques Universitaires", which is in charge of implementing the university's documentary policy.

Partnerships and Strategic Projects Department

Director: Veaceslav Grosu -
The Partnerships and Strategic Projects Department manages existing partnerships and supports the management team in developing new partnerships. It also ensures the necessary steering for the submission and monitoring of the institution's major projects, whether academic or involving socio-economic players, local authorities, etc.

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